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Kristiana Avery, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, NP
“I work collaboratively with clients to develop treatment goals and plans to improve overall quality of life. I take a holistic approach to treatment and aim to use pharmacological treatment in a realistic and practical way, only using medications when indicated. My most successful patients are those who enter into treatment motivated for change.
Denver, Colorado 80206
(303) 481-3451 x2
Marie Cook, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, RXS, CNS
“I find that I work most often with people who have attention deficit or experience anxiety. I also have many years of working with people who have addictions. I work compassionately with people who have experienced trauma either as a child or in a relationship. I taught student nurses and believe that knowledge is power and people change faster when they understand why and how to make changes. My clients feel valued and heard and leave with effective tools to use every day. I also have worked with people who are pregnant or have parenting issues.
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 627-6833
John F McGovern, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, DO
“Listening to a person share their life story is the starting point for any therapeutic encounter. I am dedicated to hearing everything that a patient is trying to communicate whether that is through words or behaviors. The qualities of my patients that help them maximize their time with me are a sense of openness and curiosity, courage and humility, and trust that together we can discover a new way.
Denver, Colorado 80246
(303) 860-6007
Selma Reed, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, PhD, PMHNP
“I have a unique set of credentials as a licensed psychologist and Board Certified Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. With over 25 years in the mental health field, I specialize in treating adults with mood and anxiety disorders. I provide medication evaluation and management, with a particular emphasis on working with patients to achieve a mutually agreeable treatment regimen.
Denver, Colorado 80206
(720) 636-8772
Peter Berndt, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“Reducing the effects of stress on health and disease is at the core of my work. I am a general adult psychiatrist. My special interest and expertise is in psychoimmunology. That subspecialty focuses on stress and its impact on the immune system. I see patients who seek help with a wide range of illnesses: anxiety, depression, stress related medical diseases ranging from migraine, pain syndromes, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel disease, cancer. I prescribe medication, not as a routine treatment, but only as needed, and then in the smallest effective dosage for a minimum length of time.
Denver, Colorado 80220
(303) 645-4300
Kayse Budd, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“Hello. I am a holistic psychiatrist, healer, & artist. My practice is extremely unique, as I am a traveling doctor--presently about 70% virtual (meaning I do much of my work online & by phone). Previously from Arizona & Colorado, I now operate a modified "concierge" practice, focusing on intensive sessions & transformational retreats. My foundation is integrative psychotherapy & wellness coaching incorporating herbal medicine, spirituality, creativity, nutrition, energywork, physical fitness, & more. I am a board-certified psychiatrist & certified yoga instructor with professional training in mindfulness-based stress reduction, mind-body skills group facilitation, dance therapy, art therapy, astrology, Reiki, ZeroBalancing, meditation, shamanic skills, & CranioSacralTherapy.
Denver, Colorado 80208
(808) 670-3390
Lisa Drey, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, RN, MA, PMHNP, CACIII, LPC
“I offer a full range of mental health services, prescribing medications and providing psychotherapy. Also certified in addiction treatment and licensed as a professional counselor. I work with people having problems with anxiety, depression, addiction, parenting, and women's health. I see adults for individual treatment and encourage a collaborative approach. I'm experienced in helping professionals who have work problems (legal or other), due to mental health and or substance use disorders. Now training a dog for animal assisted therapy. Please email me at or click on the link listed under additional insurance companies.
Denver, Colorado 80209
(720) 608-4474
Amanda K Hutchison, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“I work with clients to support their desire to discover their inner strength through therapy, and medications, when appropriate. I am invested in using evidence-based psychotherapy to help guide families and individuals of all ages on their journeys. Currently I work with children and adolescents along with their families. I also works with adults in both individual and couples therapy. My interests include working with individuals who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety and ADHD as well as other difficulties. I hope that I can be a resource for you and your family to help foster wellness.
Denver, Colorado 80209
(720) 580-6024
Psychiatrist, MD
“I work with adults with a variety of issues. If you find yourself repeating tangled up patterns in relationships, struggling to make something different happen in your life then these are two areas I emphasize in my practice. I can also offer a non-medication based approach to help folks struggling with insomnia.
Denver, Colorado 80246
(303) 732-6195
Susan Lurie, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a highly experienced Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, with expertise in all levels of care. I specialize in Anxiety, Mood and Psychotic Disorders, though am comfortable working with the full spectrum of difficulties that present in youth. I am a seasoned psychopharmacologist - in this role I am thoughtful and judicious about the use of medication, knowing that it might be only a small part of a comprehensive treatment intervention. I'm affiliated with the Behavioral Health Division of Children's Hospital Colorado and am a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine.
Denver, Colorado 80231
(720) 408-2070
Jeanne Theobald, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“Are you feeling down or anxious? Are you suffering, feeling not listened to, or feeling alone? Are you looking for someone to talk to about medications? Are you worried about your loved one? You are not alone and it is possible to for things to get better! I offer psychiatric medication evaluations and treatment, as well as therapy. It is my goal to establish a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment where you feel listened to and can heal.
Denver, Colorado 80209
(720) 496-0857
Holly Vause, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, DNP, PMHNP
“I specialize in psychiatric medication evaluation and management for children, adolescents and adults.I believe we must have a collaborative relationship working together to meet your treatment goals. This collaboration is achieved through honest communication about your symptoms of concern and medication effects. I do not believe medications are appropriate for everyone dealing with emotional, behavioral, and/or relational issues. I do believe that some form of therapy is critical for maintaining long-term benefits. In many situations therapy as well as medications provide the best outcomes. Working together, we will determine the best course of treatment for you.
Denver, Colorado 80206
(720) 330-4904
Maureen Davis, Psychiatric Nurse  in Denver
Psychiatric Nurse, PMHNP
“I specialize in helping children, teens, and adults navigate through challenges such as ADHD, adjustment and behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. I offer a full range of services starting with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and development of collaborative treatment recommendations, including prescribing and managing medications when appropriate. As a board certified Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field, I've had the opportunity to work closely with individuals and families in a variety of treatment settings including hospitals, day treatment programs, community mental health centers and private practice.
Denver, Colorado 80209
(303) 532-4347
Deborah A Coyle, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“You may be feeling tired ,overwhelmed,and even alone. What you do know is that you do not want to feel this way anymore. My approach to helping you re- access the "best you" is an integrative approach that fits you personally. Intitally, deterrmining what may be blocking you. It could be diet,a deficiency,a loss,a trauma or what may feel most confusing is, that you dont know why you feel this way.
Denver, Colorado 80209
(720) 606-2833
David J Williams, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“David J. Williams, M.D., is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist in private practice in Denver, CO. Before opening a private practice, Dr. Williams was chief resident of child and adolescent psychiatry at Children's Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, CO. Dr. Williams treats patients with chronice work and relationship problems, ADHD, Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Panic Disorder. In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, Dr. Williams is board-certified in both general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry and can prescribe medications if indicated as part of the treatment plan.
Denver, Colorado 80246
(720) 288-0882
Heath D Canfield, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, DO
“I am a board certified adult psychiatrist. Since completing residency I have pursued additional intensive training in psychotherapy beyond what most psychiatrists do. I prefer deeper forms of talk therapy best done one or more times per week. If medications are to be prescribed we will decide together which medications are to be utilized and always use the lowest dose and least number of medications possible to achieve our goals. Please click on the link to review my website which includes more detailed information about my treatment philosophy, my education, and my office policies (including fees).
Denver, Colorado 80209
(303) 622-3103
Asa Marokus, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a psychiatrist who works with children, teenagers, adults and their families to help them with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges. I employ both psychotherapy and psychiatric medication, when appropriate, to improve the functioning and happiness and alleviate the suffering of my patients. I enjoy, and have experience, working with many different types of people on a wide range of issues.
Denver, Colorado 80211
(303) 647-4363
Psychiatrist, MD
“Jean E. Kunin
Denver, Colorado 80218
(303) 747-4756
Anita Khanna, Psychiatrist  in Denver
Psychiatrist, MD
“I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story , and making sense of all that ails you. I feel that medications can provide relief for biological psychiatric conditions, but most of the long term relief comes from working through and reworking unhealthy patterns to get better life outcomes. Treating Psychiatric conditions is an art that requires balancing the medical treatments with looking at unconscious maladaptive behaviors. Once patterns are identified, the work we do will lead to change.
Denver, Colorado 80246
(720) 463-1683
Helen And Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center, Psychiatrist  in Denver
“As part of University of Colorado School of Medicine, the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center provides state-of-the art evidence-based outpatient treatment for people struggling with depression, bipolar disorder and co-occurring anxiety disorders. Both medication and psychotherapy treatments are available. Appointments conducted by secure video conferencing are available in some cases.
Office is near:
Denver, Colorado 80012
(720) 463-2607

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