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Matthew Rottnek, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“Dr. Matthew Rottnek is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both General Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. On faculty of New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Rottnek serves in both the Division of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry and the Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.
New York, New York 10001
(917) 242-4690
Yael Holoshitz, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a Columbia University trained and affiliated psychiatrist, with experience in many therapeutic modalities and up to date psychopharmacologic practices. I work in multiple treatment settings, with a variety of patients, including college and graduate students and individuals with first episode psychosis. Whether you are experiencing anxiety or depression, battling chronic feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction, or plagued by procrastination, feeling "stuck," or unsure of where you're going, I can help.
New York, New York 10010
(646) 759-1059
Jada Turco, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD, ABIHM, ABPN
“I work with adults and adolescents who are interested an innovative and integrative approach to mental health and well being. I specialize in diagnostic assessment, and my approach addresses all areas of health and well being. I have expertise in treatment of mood disorders, including; anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. I also have additional training in Reproductive Psychiatry and treat women before, during, and after pregnancy who may suffer from perinatal and postpartum related disorders.
New York, New York 10001
(718) 290-3908
Mohsin S Ahmed, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD, PhD
“Are you seeking a provider who is compassionate, comprehensive, and holistically attuned to all of your dimensions - biological, emotional, social, and spiritual? Mohsin S Ahmed, MD, PhD is a Columbia, Cambridge, and Cornell University educated psychiatrist and neuroscientist who provides exactly such an integrative approach, uniquely tailored for every individual. He has expertise in both medication and talk therapies, draws on the latest neuroscientific and medical advances, and can safely incorporate these with complementary/alternative perspectives. He provides consultations and treatments for mood, anxiety, panic, concentration, and medical illness-related problems, and adjustment difficulties with acute life and relationship stressors.
New York, New York 10024
(646) 679-2836
Madeleine M Castellanos, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“My focus is sex therapy and hormone supplementation for overall wellbeing. As an MD and a psychotherapist, I help give couples and individuals a holistic understanding of their sexual difficulties - incorporating physical, psychological, emotional, and relationship aspects to provide a comprehensive treatment. I help couples and individuals enhance their sexual pleasure while maintaining a balance in their physical and emotional health. Factors interfering with sexual performance and satisfaction are often a combination of variables, and our sexuality is never separate from who we are. Because of this, the treatment is always tailored to the specific needs of the couple/individual.
New York, New York 10003
(917) 740-4996
Jack Pula, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“My clinical interests include psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychopharmacology, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, character/personality development, gender and sexuality, and various identity issues. I have worked with many undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, artists, and people at various stages of parenting. I enjoy working therapeutically with all types of individuals on their unique struggles, often combining psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. I am deeply committed to promoting the mental health needs of all my patients, who represent the broad diversity of New York City. Additionally, I am passionate about promoting the unique mental health needs of transgender people around the globe.
New York, New York 10023
(646) 759-1517
Psychiatrist, md
“I have been practicing adult, child and adolescent psychiatry for several decades. Although I prescribe medication whenever needed I still cherish the opportunity to practice old fashioned talk therapy. I have practiced this therapy from the vantage point originally taught by psychoanalyst Karen Horney, who emphasized that we can each outgrow difficulties for our entire lives. My practice consists of people of all ages with any psychiatric problem including anxiety, depression, family problems, relationship issues, school problems, physical illness, substance abuse and personality disorders.
New York, New York 10128
(646) 392-7258
Nader Galal, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“Welcome, My name is Dr. Nader Galal. I'm a Board Certified Psychiatrist working in a Private Practice, in New York City. As a psychiatrist, my goal is to help you by diagnosing potential mental health conditions. I will discuss and offer my patients the best treatment options available. I am specialized in - but am not limited to - the treatment of ADD/ADHD, mood and personality disorders. If you require medication treatment options, I am able to provide medication management. If therapy is recommended or needed, my practice works with several therapists who can provide a wide range of services.
New York, New York 10107
(917) 512-7736
Carl Erik Fisher, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a Columbia University psychiatrist who combines integrative and holistic mental health practices - meditation, yoga, and other wellness approaches - with modern psychiatric medicine. I treat a range of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, mood, focus and concentration, grief and loss, and relationship issues. I am board certified in addiction medicine and enjoy helping people who have substance use problems as well as addictive behaviors (compulsive sex, gambling, or eating). I am also a professor on Columbia's faculty, where I teach on topics related to psychiatry, ethics, neuroscience, and society. See my website at
New York, New York 10011
(646) 798-4867
Maria Master, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD, JD
“As a Columbia/Cornell educated psychiatrist, I provide state of the art psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, and medication management. My goal is to meaningfully enhance the happiness and well-being of each one of my clients. I believe that true emotional health is more than the absence of illness, and includes a sense of optimism and enjoyment in relationships, work/school, and self image.
New York, New York 10065
(646) 699-3914
The Union Square Psychiatric Center, Psychiatrist  in New York
“We provide personalized, caring treatment, directed toward developing an individualized treatment plan. Because we have a diverse group of clinicians with complimentary areas of interest, we can meet your specific needs. We offer services on a sliding scale for qualified clients. We have found a personalized approach, addressing individual issues, development, biology and environmental factors, to be most effective. Would you like to speak to someone? Please contact us.
New York, New York 10011
(929) 777-0173
Eran Feit, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a board-certified psychiatrist and therapist with 15 years of experience. Trained at Columbia and NYMC I offer both therapy and medication management. My goal is to help my patients relieve painful and distressing symptoms such as depression, anxiety and irritability in dealing with relationship issues or work stress. My approach is to work collaboratively with each of my patients, exploring their individual needs and aiming for more fulfilling relationships. I don't take insurance, but I will help you to get reimbursed through your insurance provider.
New York, New York 10017
(646) 553-5021
“I am a Cornell-educated, board-certified psychiatrist who sees adults for psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. While my training has foundations in various modalities of psychotherapy, I am interested in a psychodynamic approach, pulling in elements from other styles as necessary. In my private practice I work closely with a wide variety of men and women and strive to offer the highest quality of individualized care. My specialty in Reproductive Psychiatry offers me a unique understanding of PMS, infertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and perimenopause.
New York, New York 10038
(646) 350-2629
Melissa H Rooney, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a board-certified psychiatrist, trained to treat children, adolescents and adults. I work with patients with a wide variety of symptoms and disorders and have specific interests in mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, grief and bereavement, and interpersonal difficulties. My approach to treatment involves a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and the development of a collaborative treatment plan, which may involve a combination of psychotherapy and/or medication.
New York, New York 10001
(347) 609-7800
Roey Pasternak, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“Dr. Pasternak is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist currently practicing in Manhattan, New York. He is Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and licensed to practice in the State of New York. Pasternak incorporates psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral, supportive therapies, and psychopharmacological management, tailoring his approach to meet the specific needs of each client. Dr. Pasternak is very experienced in treating anxiety disorders utilizing psychopharmacological management in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy.
New York, New York 10022
(917) 688-4070
Susan M. Gray, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“My professional background is in General Psychiatry, including psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. I treat adults and young adults and have extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety, mood and trauma-related disorders, as well as issues concerning addiction, interpersonal relationships, identity and professional life. After a thorough evaluation, I will conclude with recommendations which may include psychotherapy, psychopharmacology or both. We may continue to work together or I may provide you with a referral if I think that you can receive the best possible care from another provider or in another setting.
New York, New York 10010
(646) 736-6541
Kathleen Jung, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a psychiatrist who treats children, adolescents, adults, and families at New York Presbyterian Hospital and in my private practice. I assist patients with a range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, crises of identity, and interpersonal issues. I specialize in different forms of psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy. When the need arises, I also prescribe medication to enhance psychotherapy.
New York, New York 10019
(917) 477-3574
Sukumar Rao, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am a Columbia and Cornell trained psychiatrist in SoHo with expertise in psychotherapy, mindfulness-based interventions, and psychiatry of the medically ill. Together, we will tailor a treatment plan for you that emphasizes long-term well-being, and considers medication only when necessary and after careful evaluation.
New York, New York 10013
(646) 663-5218
Psychiatrist, MD
“I will provide a comprehensive professional evaluation of what needs to be addressed.compassionate competent treatment, over thirty years experience with psychodynamic psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment. anxiety disorders ,depression, characterolgical problems eating disorders, relational and marrital difficulties,ADD PTSD. I am board certified and a faculty member of NYU College of Medicine and NY Psychoanalytic Institute.
New York, New York 10128
(646) 606-3897
Douglas John Van Der Heide, Psychiatrist  in New York
“It takes decades to be good at anything. I have seen the patients, read the books, taught with colleagues and learned to treat with the best. The forged bond of trust based on our work together will make changing your life possible in ways that may be difficult to imagine. Tangled emotions and conflicts must be listened for, understood and communicated in a caring, respectful, and timely way to allow your dreams and life goals to finally be realized. Please visit my web site: or brief videos if you wish more information. Thank you.
New York, New York 10028
(646) 807-4197

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